Strengthening Community, Building Opportunity in a Spirit of Alliance: Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatchewan


  • Wanda Wuttunee



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Located 26 kilometres south of Saskatoon, the community of Whitecap Dakota First Nation (Whitecap) has approximately 700 members. A major tourism attraction with a million visitors annually, Whitecap offers the best golf course in Saskatchewan, with a 4-star resort and casino. Whitecap has created diversified own source revenue streams from not only business profits, but through its Land Code, which generates land lease and property tax revenue. Exerting its jurisdiction, it also receives revenues from several types of taxation that were previously going to federal and provincial governments. With a healthy record of job creation, Whitecap is a regional economic force in Saskatchewan. Whitecap’s business model is shared here for the benefit of both business and government leaders as they work to strengthen Indigenous community health and wellbeing across Canada.


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