Call for Papers: A Special Issue on Muiwatmnej Etuaptmumk: “Two-eyed seeing from vision to action”


Volume 15, Issue 1, Spring of 2025


The Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development ( welcomes those who wish to share their experiences and research using Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing as a guiding principle for your work.

We have a particular interest in examples of on-going lines of research and engagement in industrial areas of economic development.


  • Applied models of collaborative co-governance
  • Indigenous led and collaborative efforts in sustainable tourism
  • Two-eyed seeing and co-learning for interdisciplinary education
  • Economic development impacts on natural resources and the environment
  • Inter-generational engagement community based participatory research
  • Social work, mental health, and health and wellness programming
  • Arts, fine arts, music, and culture

We accept diverse presentations, papers, reports of research in progress, audio, artistic or visual outcomes, interviews with Elders or community knowledge holders, poetry, stories, research, experiential learning, book or dissertation reviews, community service learning and other forms of scholarship of engagement. An on-line link will be provided beyond the paper and on-line journal to support the platform of visual or audio submissions.

Abstracts are due April 15, 2024 and final manuscripts due August 30, 2024.


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This is the first online issue of our journal. Are you looking to enter the procurement arena? We have some ideas and resources that might help in this volume. It also has stories about political and business leaders, who are inspiring to say the least. It doesn’t matter if your community is remote and northern. If your leadership has a vision and an action plan, you are assured that they are working everyday to improve their community’s situation. They are also constantly seeking strategies to overcome challenges and embracing new ideas and technologies. These are shared in the Lessons from Experience section.  Are you curious about sustainable energy and its benefits or what the profile of northern businesses in the Yukon might be? You’ll find that information in the Lessons from Research section. If you are curious about Indigenous economics, and how that differs from mainstream economics, you’ll enjoy the book review.

Published: 2024-05-30

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